Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards

With a powerful engine mounted in the front, the lawn tractor offers a better front-to-back weight ratio and its dual cutters enhance cutting and performance on large, hilly yards. This type is popular among homeowners with large lawns, as it allows you to ride on it and drive around using the steering wheel. They make cutting vast areas of grass easy and effortless, but they are larger and thus difficult to store. Also, ride-on lawnmowers are more expensive as compared to the other variants. Ride-on mowers are again available in three different constructions. Some of the models allow you to not only cut the grass but to trim and edge it as well.

It’s pretty efficient, extra, durable, and quiet during use. Check the features below, as we have mentioned one of the best Husqvarna riding mower reviews. Comfort features include a 15-inch high-back seat, an easily accessible control panel, and an electric clutch for easy blade engagement.

Types Of Riding Lawn Mowers

A wide adjustable seat with a high-back for superior lumbar support. A lack of padding on the seat means a bumpy ride on rough ground. We’re confident of the quality of our products and we’ll repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship within the specified warranty. If you are riding a lawnmower, then you will get adjustable steering handles. Riding Lawn mowers are the Husqvarna YTH18542 and Husqvarna Z254 Zero turn land mower.

The mower is powered by a powerful engine and has a six-speed transmission for clean performance and durability. Weibang E-rider electric riding lawn mower might be a good option if you are maintaining a small lawn. This riding mower has a compact and open design, which will make more space for you to sit and enjoy your electric ride on mower. Most of the Zero turn lawn mowers used hydraulic systems to make this design functionality achievable. Comfort is one of the things you need to consider when buying an electric riding lawn mower and this lawn mower performs highly in this regard. The seat of this lawn mower is rightly padded to ensure that you are comfortable all the time.

Black+decker Electric Lawn Mower

Apart from the fact that some reviews have broken the plastic seat or the steering wheel over time and with prolonged use, this mower’s design is good. The design of the Cub Cadet CC 30 H with rear engine may seem dated, but there is a reason why this lawnmower is the best-selling model in its segment. The simple design, excellent visibility, and compact size make it a practical alternative to hand tractors. If you’re tired of using a lawnmower on your lawn, it’s worth a look.

All in all, most if the reviews are extremely positive pointing out only minor problems usually related to personal preferences rather than the mower’s capabilities. This is probably the best residential riding mowers you can purchase. Additional attachments can be used to enhance your riding mower; the official Troy-Bilt website lists all the compatible parts for the TB03R. You will find accessories such as tire chains, mulching kits, front bumper kits, and more. The rear wheels are the main drive wheels and the transmission is manually operated.

This shouldn’t be your choice for a difficult mow, but if you have some small hills and ridges, we think you’ll be impressed with how well this model handles them. This ZTR tractor is lever-operated and features a EZT Transaxles drive system. It’s also responsive and easy to operate, and the bars have comfortable padded grips and are positioned just right over the lap area. If you have one conveniently located in your garage or shed, it makes it easy to keep this riding mower topped off and ready to go. Something else that stood out about the MZ61 was the engine start. We purposefully tested preowned lawn tractors wherever possible because of how notorious ride-ons are for being difficult to start down the road.

rear engine riding mower reviews

With a fast mower, you will not have to mow your lawn two days. Instead, you will cover more land in a shorter amount of time. The TB30 also features a 6-speed transmission and a comfortable medium-back seat. For smooth ride and comfortable seating, we have dual suspension springs and greased wheels.

Best Mower

It’s easy to get caught up in discussions about torque and horsepower, but remember your own comfort too. If your garden is big enough for a riding lawn mower, the chances are you’ll be spending hours sitting on it. If it isn’t comfortable you won’t want to use it, and you’ll have spent a lot of money for nothing. The mower deck is 48 inches wide and is made of welded steel. There are three mower blades, with washout ports for easy cleaning, and greaseable mandrels. You can choose from seven deck positions, with a cutting height of between 1.5 and 4 inches.

  • Check out the great manufacturer’s warranty that comes with these as well.
  • Lawn tractors employ wide, mid-mounted cutting decks as opposed to front-mounted decks.
  • However, a rear engine riding mower can be surprisingly affordable.
  • Blades may break if the mover encounters obstacles like rocks, so make sure your lawn is free of obstacles.
  • What’s more, the mower is quite lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver on hilly and uneven terrains.
  • And this Ryobi battery powered riding lawn mowers are in the list of electric riding lawn mower 2019 and can stay up to 2020 now.
  • This is a mini riding mower that is only 31 inches wide, and it has a fairly small engine and cutting deck as well.
  • Happy with purchase, doing a good job for what it is intended to do.
  • It has a superior blade system that ensures the proper cutting of grass.
  • The sheer number of models on the market was practically overwhelming.

A side discharge is the most common configuration, but bagger-capable and mulching-capable mowers may be worth the investment. Rear-engine riders tend to be the least expensive and the easiest to drive. Think of them as bridging the gap between riders and the kind of mowers that you push and walk behind.

The Speed

Although they are not the quickest at 6-7mph, if you want to perform lots of pulling and grunt work alongside regular mowing, tractors are a smart bet. The deck will pivot along with the front axle giving you a superior cut through turns. Less obstruction means you’ll get a better view while the exhaust fumes are safely expelled behind. If you can manage to cope with the physical demands, a walk-behind mower makes great sense. For those who are less able, you can get some wonderful self-propelled models if you have the budget to spare.

All you need is to attach a garden hose to remove clippings, debris and dirt to avoid getting clogged up. As with the T150, it is also backed up by a 2-year limited warranty. Perhaps you live in an area where the weather gets pretty cold in winter. A robust riding mower can also make a fantastic snow plow with the right attachment.

Idea Behind 10machines

If you are looking for something heavy-duty and don’t really care about the price, this beast won’t disappoint you. What further amazed us was the warranty, which is the longest you can find on the market right now. There are some great mowers out there, but our favorite is Ariens IKON-X 52. Its combination of speed, powe, and maneuverability make it a real winner.

This self-propelled walk-behind mower lets you customize its speed to match your pace at will. It is easy to maneuver and since it’s self-propelled with a flex handle suspension, it helps reduce physical fatigue when doing larger or sloped lawns. It features a robust Honda GCV engine for easy riding and powerful mowing with four cutting height options.

Unlike other types, rear engine mowers do not need extra amount of torque to operate. With multiple transmissions, these lawn tractors can reach to maximum speeds of 5 mph. A 30-inch single-blade cutting deck and an 18-inch turning radius makes cutting most yards up to an acre a joy to mow. It has 16-inch rear and 13-inch front wheels that make this mowing machine a lot more agile than it may look at first glance. It offers side discharge and mulching by default, and like all of the best riding mowers, it supports a bagger, which you’ll have to purchase separately.

At that rate, you’ll be finishing the lower paddock in no time. All that pace goes along with a mower that’s easy to maneuver. This is another zero turning model, making rear engine riding mower reviews it as easy as pie to negotiate obstacles like benches or flower beds. The mechanism is assisted by a spring, so you won’t have to be a powerlifter to make it work.

Husqvarna Yth22v46 46 In 22 Hp Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

The whole package comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. The one thing you won’t find, though, is a bagging attachment. If this is the mower you choose, be prepared to spend some time raking up those cuttings. Blades may break if the mover encounters obstacles like rocks, so make sure your lawn is free of obstacles.

rear engine riding mower reviews

A higher maximum mowing speed means getting the job done faster. Further on, you will need to choose between single-speed and multi-speed mowers. Single speed riding mowers come with one fixed speed option and work best for an even terrain without obstacles.

For an inclined terrain or long grass, you should work with a much higher rating. Don’t forget that you can sometimes have a small lawn with tough and tall grass or a bigger yard with short grass. This classic, rear-engine rider has become an icon in the lawn mowing community.

As I have a weak left foot, and this unit uses a clutch/brake arrangement, it can be a bit challenging working in tight quarters. That said, it’s quite agile, cuts neatly, and is easy to maneuver in snug spots. It’s a bit tippier than the old Horse, so one has to watch the grade carefully. But due to it’s small size, I can get through my gates to the inner yard, it takes less storage room, and uses less fuel. It starts instantly and runs smoothly, and does have the ability to mow in reverse.

However, you have to make sure that the mower is charged; else you may have to leave the task unfinished if the battery drains out while mowing. Electric-powered mowers consist of a cord that needs to be plugged into a socket to operate. These mowers are light, quiet, and require almost zero maintenance. The only drawback of an electric mower is that the cord may limit the area covered by the mower. You can choose the type of power that best suits your requirements. Many high-end mowers come with a single rotary blade that rotates horizontally beneath the device, like the propellers of an aircraft.

There are 5 different cutting height adjustments available for that customized cut. A professional well-maintained lawn is easy to achieve with the TB30R. Front wheel size is 13 X 5 inches and the rear wheels are 16 X 16.5 inches.

If you like your accessories, a rear bagger, mulching kit, armrests, and front bumper are available separately. It can also be inclined and slid into different positions to suit drivers of different heights and preferences. It comes with headlights, and there’s even a hitch included as standard. If you want them, a mulching kit and that all-important rear bagger are sold separately.

rear engine riding mower reviews

Other things to do are cleaning your battery riding lawn mower regularly, checking blades and tires then following the safety instruction for a safe and sound mow. You don’t have to change spark plugs, oil filter, fuel, etc. regularly. Instead, you only need to check the blades and tires for good functioning.

This same arrangement of products is also mirrored in our review section, so that it is easy for you to correlate when you scroll down the article. In other mowers, the seat position will have been carefully fixed so that the controls are easy to reach. That’s the case for the Poulan Pro P46ZX, for example, which users levers in place of a steering wheel. The seat is positioned so that the levers are placed right where your hands naturally rest. Other features include a hydrostatic transmission for smooth acceleration, an impact-resistant discharge shield, and a pedal-assisted deck lift.

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